About Us

APEX CPA - Chartered Accountants. Are a certified, multi-disciplinary Accounting and Auditing firm working under the license of the Egyptian Ministry of Finance, as well as representing a diverse client base in a variety of industries in Egypt and outside.
Our expertise and resources provide the highest-quality Audit and other Assurance Services, Financial Accounting, Accounting Reporting, Bookkeeping, Tax Advisory services to many companies in the private sector, public and entities, non- profit organizations and individuals.
As a firm with vast experience in multinational finance and business, we also offer a full spectrum of Management Consulting services, Corporate services, IFRS conversion, implementation of new accounting standards and Family Business services designed to assist our clients in creating strategies to face challenges and thrive in today’s global economy. Our strategic partnerships and affiliations with other regional and international financial and business advisory firms allow us to provide our clients with a complete range of accounting, auditing and business solutions that adhere to the highest professional standards of quality.
We are a team of dedicated business professionals with the required skills, personal integrity, and objectivity needed to render quality service to our clients and the public. We provide this quality service to each client through an effective and responsive personally led relationship. This relationship is based on our understanding and caring for our client’s business.
Whatever the nature of your organization, private or public, our partners and staff invest the necessary time in getting to know you and your business thoroughly, making it easy to identify solutions and make a real contribution to the profitability and efficiency of your business.

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